French etiquette for private individuals and professionals

Enhance your professional and personal encounters in French social or business settings by mastering the « rules » of French etiquette.
Invitation a Recevoir offers seminars for individuals and business professions living, working and conducting business in France.

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We inform you that we definitively stop our activity , the 31st of march 2015

SignetFrench etiquette
for particulars

The art of elegant hosting

« The Art of elegant hosting »

Knowing the rules of common courtesy and propriety guarantees you the ability to be at ease in every social setting...

The Art of choosing the right setting

« The Art of choosing the right setting »

With a few basic rules, your appetizer, lunch or cocktail party will be sure to be a very pleasant occasion...

The Art of creating a fabulous table

« The Art of creating a fabulous table »

Mastering the rules of etiquette and protocol with regard to a formal dinner table, a cocktail event, or a reception will allow you to surprise and please your guests...

SignetBusiness etiquette
for professionals

Business etiquette for professionals

Vital business decisions can be influences by the smallest of cultural nuances the application of proper etiquette distinguishes the individual and always leads to a positive impression and thus positive business interactions...

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